What do I do if the Legal Index does not open when I go Back To Top?
Click on the Legal Index folder

Why doesn’t the folder or document button work when i press it ?
You may have a folder or document requester already active in the background. Check that there is not a folder or document requester already opened.

Why do the document, folder and find buttons cause problems when I click on them ?
This site works best with Netscape 3.0 or higher. If you have problems we suggest you download Netscape. The latest release of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 4.0 (Beta Release 2) also works on this site. All Previous releases caused Java problems.

How do I use the Find and Search Engines ?
The NetJustice and AstLII search engines enable the use of BOOLEAN words. For example. AND, OR, NOT.

What do you do if you can’t see www.netjustice.com.au or cannot logon
1. Check to see if you are connected to the Internet.
2. Check that your DNS settings correspond to your ISP’s setup.
3. Try disabling your proxy settings within your browser.
4. Try again after 5 minutes (system backup is in progress)
5. If all the above fail please e-mail [email protected].